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Who are we?

We are a village enterprise based in Saneharu, on the outskirts of Mandi, Himachal Pradesh.
Our aim is to bring to people, natural and healthy foods without any adulteration.
Our first in-house produce is Apple Cider Vinegar which we prepare through the traditional village method of Slow Fermentation.
Popularly known as Orleans’ Method, we brew the vinegar for a period of Nine-Twelve months without using any Accelerators or mechanical Fermenters, thereby preserving the natural enzymes and true goodness in its original form.

Organically Produced

Raw | Unfiltered | Unpasteurized


What Our Clients Say

I have been regularly ordering Apple Cider from BuenaVeda and it is actually beneficial. Quite good for overall immunity and gut health. And this Kaada is great too. Loved this product!


Excellent quality and amazing result! This is 99% original for sure. What fascinated me more about this product was that it was imported directly from Himachal. So I opted to buy this one and found it easily on Amazon. Apple Cider Vinegar is helpful in reducing weight, lowering blood pressure, reducing belly fat and maintaining the PH level. It helps in faster body healing. The products are not expensive. I am using ACV to make several homemade skin and hair care products as apple cider vinegar is one of the ingredients and is very good when used in skin and hair. I am also getting quite an excellent result. Very Satisfied with the product.

This is an amazing product, it comes in a glass bottle and tastes very good actually (as per Apple Cider Vinegar standards). I used it as a part of my morning routine as it helps in weight loss and also to wash my hair as I get hard water at my place. It made my hair super soft and shiny and I'll definitely buy it again!

I have been in the market for Apple cider vinegar but whichever I narrowed ended up being really costly. I came across BuenaVeda Apple Cider Vinegar and I gave it a go and boy was I surprised. It is all that I was looking for my need.


I've been using Organic India ACV and came across this one on Amazon. I decided to try it and absolutely loved it. The after-taste is fruitish, the odour is strong which suggests good acidic content, and it definitely helped out with curbing acidity issues.

Received this item right on time me n loved it as a weight loss booster shot 😬 also tried it as a hair rinse and the results were amazing. Do try it, it's definitely natural.

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