Hidden Heading

Sitanshu Mehrotra - BuenaVeda Co-founder

Sitanshu is a Computer Science Engineer by education and a Serial Entrepreneur by passion.

After graduating as an engineer from Amity University, he worked for Accenture for 2.5 years as a Senior Programmer. Whilst working there, he realized that he could do much more and this urge made him move out of the industry.

In 2017, Sitanshu and his brother, Akshay travelled back to the roots by moving to a small village in Himachal Pradesh with a zeal to build a village enterprise that brings people, purity in what they consume. And that’s how BuenaVeda took shape.

They spent 1.5 years researching and refining the  manufacturing process which would be natural and yet sustainable. BuenaVeda – Apple Cider Vinegar, is the fruit(vinegar) obtained from the journey.

Other than BuenaVeda, Sitanshu also works as Director of Operations with WisdomTree Solutions. And is responsible for organizing and managing Behavioral/Psychological training for WisdomTree across India.